I believe that wellness starts from within.

I believe in listening to your intuition and trusting your heart.

I believe in aligning with your truth and living life on purpose.

And more than anything, I believe that all of us deserve to feel truly amazing inside our own skin.


Hey there! I’m Mieke Casanova – Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Healer, Adventurer, Soul Searcher + Creator of Wholistic Living + Boheme and Body Wellness Shala.

My mission on this planet is to help amazing, creative souls – yep, just like you – to connect with their truth, experience radiant wellness, and live the life of full-blown fulfilment they’ve always imagined.

I do this through a potent combination of wholistic tools and healing modalities, including nutrition, yoga, reiki, oneness deskha, goal setting and meditation. All these techniques are designed to help you peel back the layers, let go of limiting beliefs, and rediscover the brilliant light that lies within.

My philosophy on health and wellness is all about… YOU. Each unique soul is COMPLETELY different! 

I believe that we’re all different. Way too much of the wellness info out there is preaching a ‘one size fits all’ kind of philosophy, but for me, that just doesn’t ring true. Each of us has a unique body, mindset and lifestyle. And each of us is going to thrive with different foods, exercises and approaches…

So how do we figure out what’s right for each of us?

By looking within…

There is so much wisdom hidden in every cell of our body and every fibre of our being. If we peel back the layers that have been masking our innate intelligence, our bodies begin to naturally gravitate towards what’s best for them. We start to instinctively make healthy decisions, to take pleasure in nourishing ourselves, and to feel really, really good.

That’s why my wellness coaching and healing is about helping you tune in to your intuition and really listen to your body. It’s about creative collaboration – working with you to figure out what you need to thrive and feel friggen amazing.

No two sessions are ever the same; it’s always about being present to what will serve you best in the moment. Perhaps that’s some hard-core nutritional advice. Perhaps it’s a soft-and-supportive Reiki session. Perhaps it’s a combination of 15 different things. Whatever way I can support you in your wellness goals, I’ll be there.

For me this whole journey started a long time ago…

I’ve always been passionate about wellness – I’m a total health freak from way back!

I was always the one who was buried in a new inspirational book, or testing out the latest healing techniques, or trying some crazy new superfood. Not to mention, my friends and family would always come to me for wellness advice, and I loved helping them transform their health and energy in heartfelt, wholistic ways.

Everything about the wellness world just lit me up, so I’ve always known that I wanted to immerse myself in it full-time. It just took me a while to figure out exactly how to go about doing it, and to get up the courage to take the plunge!

Along the way, while my vision was still taking shape, I kept diving headfirst into all things health. I was exploring new theories and techniques, and taking course after course, waiting for the right moment to leave my jet-setting job and follow my passion.

It was when I did my level two yoga teaching training course and my Diploma is Business that things finally clicked into place. Everything I was learning just felt so fulfilling, rewarding and soul aligning. It felt so damn good to be devoting myself to this practice, and I knew I could help change people’s lives if I could just focus all my energy into it…

Then the truth hit me with a lightning bolt of brilliance:

There was no ‘right’ time to take the leap and make the change.

The idea was revo-friggen-lutionary to me. I didn’t need to wait for the stars to align and the wind to whisper my name. I could devote all my creative energy to bringing this beautiful message to the world and empowering people to create their best lives…

And I could do it NOW.

I was filled with massive joy (and no small amount of nerves too!). I immediately enrolled in one of the world’s leading health coaching institutes – the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, went even deeper into yoga teaching, and poured myself heart-first into this new dream.

And it’s been amazing.

Let it be said: When you have the courage to leap, the net truly does appear.

Starting my own business Wholisitc Living and Boheme and Body Wellness Shala has been the most incredible journey, and the fact that I get to spend my days following my passion and living my purpose makes me feel beyond blessed

My life today feels exciting. Aligned. Filled with possibility. For the first time in my life, I’m bouncing out of bed each morning with a lit-from-within energy, knowing that I’m living my mission and making my dreams come true.

If you really knew me, you’d know that…

  • Nothing makes me happier than a spontaneous day trip. (A dip in the ocean + a hike + discovering a new healthy café = My kinda bliss!)
  • I’m obsessed with herbal tea. Whether it’s green, peppermint, ginger, or my absolute favourite, Rooibos – I adore ’em all!
  • My favourite way to be super-healthy is drinking my signature smoothie (Maca, spirulina, coconut oil, kale, spinach and banana – yumza!)
  • My guilty pleasures is ACAI BOWLS LOVE LOVE THEM!!!
  • Chakra Meditation is my go-to technique for instant calm and mindfulness.
  • My secret weapon is raw Apple Cider vinegar – I swear by the stuff! I use it every morning as a toner, and it’s a miracle worker for beautiful clear skin!
  • When I’ve got my heart set on something, I get super-focused and charge at it with my bullhorns. Yep, my star sign is Taurus AND I’m a Bull in the Chinese zodiac, so super-determined is putting it mildly!

And most of all, nothing lights me up more than spreading this message of heart-fuelled wellness. Helping other people rediscover their sacred energy and vitality, seeing their tales of transformation in action, knowing that they are now living with passion and purpose and aligned with their truth… There’s nothing better.

That’s why I created this online space.

To spark a wellness revolution. To connect with likeminded souls. To stoke the fires of inspiration.

And I believe it’s no accident that you’ve stumbled on my little corner of the webosphere.

Thank you for being here.

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With boatloads of gratitude,